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About: Inside all of us is a fangirl. (Even in guys.) --- greenballoonsandblackmushrooms is a fandom blog. lightsulfated is an inspiration blog. shaniquasparkles is a personal blog. kakashiplushie is where Shaniqua writes. She's not sure where all these usernames came from.
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nvm, person who owns blog supports R/Hr and Lindsay Pearce and I don’t quite care for either.

I judge people. At least I’m being honest about it.

Going back to my inspiration blog now.

Hey Gleeks,

What’s all this I hear about Quinn and Sebastian? Crackship or totally happening? By ‘all this,’ I mean ‘I saw a few gifs in one blog and now I secretly ship it.’

And wait, what, Sam’s coming back?

I don’t know anything anymore.


I’m going to hang out in my inspiration blog for a while (Not like you’d miss me, I’m like the ultimate prodigal Tumblogger with my repeat dramas of quitting forever and not being able to resist going back.) because it’ll be November soon and I am stupid enough to attempt NaNoWriMo this year.

I am/was also stupid enough to make a different account for that other blog, so I have different dashboards. I’m just going to follow most of you again with lightsulfated, mmk?

That’s all. I just want you to know that’s me. :))





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Smack that….

And turn to page 394….

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He’s probably the most adorable guy on earth.

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Mallard on We Heart It.


Mallard on We Heart It.

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10 Reasons It's Great to Be a Writer


10. There is no dress code.

9. You’re not eavesdropping; you’re working.
8. Your rather eccentric computer history of websites can be explained as research.BONUS: Actually, anything can be explained as research - it just takes a bit of thought.
7. Your active imagination now has something to focus on.
6. Although you say you don’t base your characters on anyone you know, you could. Revenge is sweet.
5. People expect odd behavior from creative types. This is an advantage.
4. You know talking to yourself serves a purpose.
3. You can tell yourself your typo isn’t a typo, it’s a new word. Language evolves.
2. If you write romantic scenes you can blush and tell people you couldn’t possibly confirm whether they’re autobiographical.
1. You can make your own rules and then break them.

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Here we are.
Here we are.

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